make me wanna holla!

actually holla isn't accurate. cry is closer to the actual feeling.

i hate this vague, desolate feeling that i get every now and then. like nothing i ever do will ever make it better. i try to think of things that'll cheer me up but nothing helps. i want so much about my life to change but i can never make that first move to make things change.

oh well - it'll pass, as all things do.

long time no.....well....no anything

Greetings - it's been quite a while since i've posted anything here. well 17 days to be almost exact. not alot has happened in those 17 days. let's list them, shall we?

1 - worked wayyyyy too much overtime
2 - didn't make near enough money for it
3 - turned 27 on the 21st (yay me!)
4 - read books 1-8 of Lone Wolf and Cub
5 - bowled twice, averaging about 120.....i'm really bad at bowling
6 - ate sushi
7 - got called a dick by more than 3 people
8 - posted my second attempt at a sonnet on Poetrism
9 - hedged on getting hosted again

Ah well - productive time.

No worries though. I find out more and more about myself and I learn that I'm willing to put up with alot more than I originally imagined. So there you have it. I'm a pretty simple guy. If you get mad when I fart, don't act all indignant when I get pissed when you fart. Like I shouldn't get mad at all because I should've known the fart was coming since you had Taco Bell or something.