.......Another day done at the 'zon. Fun times indeed.

If anyone reads this, I'm working with my ISP to set up a mail account. Fuck little feedback links. Just send me an email if you dig something you read here.

not a whole lot to talk about today. my best friend goes in to have her wisdom teeth removed (all four....YEOW!!) and I'll be taking care of her tomorrow. Taking her to her appt, bringing her back, feeding her and generally keeping her sane. :)

i had something i wanted to vent about but I don't remember what it was. for one, i wish blogger would fix their blogspot-plus ordering thing so I can get a bigger account and start posting pics and shit. that'll be fun.

anyways, off to watch Seven Samurai.


Midday Ennui

yeah - so another worthless meeting and i think my head will explode. i swear there has to be a reason that God hates me so much. otherwise, i'd be rid of this silly self-loathing and stupid jealousy that creeps up at the most fucked up of times.

oh well - so i've got half a month's work to finish in two days. i'm raring to go....home. as much as i love doing this, it won't make a difference 20 years from now.

and somehow, i'm okay with that most days.


my first thought in creating this journal to accompany poetrism was that i would need to find something interesting to say. what i've discovered is, since no one really reads it anyways, is that it doesn't really matter what i say or when i update. content-wise, i think verbal diarrhea would best describe this page. as far as updates go, whenever the hell i feel like it is the best descriptive.

today was an alright day by my standards. no freak-outs and my dvds came in so that was hunky dory. Seven Samurai and The Lady Vanishes, numbers 2 and 3 respectively from the Criterion Collection. i haven't had the chance to watch anything, since i just got home, but they're both high on my list since i count Hitchcock and Kurosawa among my favorite directors. work was busy, as usual, and i got some nice compliments on my "linebacker" physique. personally, i think they were just kissing ass but it was still cool.

that's it for today, kids. if i can think of anything else, i'll forget to add it.

listening to: The Mars Volta - Deloused in the Comatorium
reading: Bridget Jones' Diary......i know......


first time here

hola - it's about 5:00am Tuesday morning and I just got done watching The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. WOOT!! I'm a dork of the highest order. One who would forsake sleep to sit and eat sauerkraut and watch big ass trees toss rocks at things. I was in Nirvana!!

anyways, if you're here, Hi! Pull up a chair and check out my poetry site, Poetrism. What does Poetrism mean? Absofuckinglutely nothing. I have no idea what it means. It just sounds good. Say it a few times.....I'll wait.

Cool, huh? Kinda rolls off of the tongue. anyways, you'll notice a few things about my writing. my punctutation is spotty and my grammar is worse but at least I can fucking spell. i'll be updating this site whenever the mood strikes, about the same as Poetrism. stay tuned and you'll get a portrait of who i am by what i write. i don't fuck around. some of the things you'll read here are pure anger and hate. shit happens. this is the real world, get a fucking helmet. i'll try my best to be civil but I can't promise anything.

listening to:some shitty DMX song (oh how far you've fallen, X)
reading:About a Boy - Nick Hornby